Images By Oliphant: Blog en-us (C) Images By Oliphant (Images By Oliphant) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:30:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:30:00 GMT Images By Oliphant: Blog 80 120 Inspired by Fitness Many people know me as a Fitness Photographer, I take that as a honor.  People often ask how did I end up being this way.  Honestly, I began my photography wanting to be a Glamour Photographer.  I shot several models in that field as well.  Then I shot a model, that changed everything.  The model that I met through my friend and shooting buddy Jeff Coulter of introduced me to Jessica, and invited me to shoot her at his studio. Jessica had a amazing fitness body!  I began to have her pose flexing her biceps and she asked me "Are you into fitness".  My answer of course was yes, I always loved looking at fitness magazines and admiring the bodies of the athletes.  Jessica told me that she knew several people in the fitness industry and could set up a fitness photoshoot for me.  I told her that would be awesome!  Jessica arranged me to shoot seven fitness people at Metroflex Gym-Houston.  Just like that I was in the mix.  I was way over my head actually...nervous, nausea was setting in but I completed it and the shoot came out very well.  After that, through Facebook, fitness people began to see my work and like the images.  I was so very proud.  Almost a year ago, I attended my First NPC event.  It was the NPC Texas State Championship in Stafford , Texas.  I had no idea what a big show that was at the time.  I saw some amazing athletes that day. What will always stand out to me was the wheelchair athletes...I'd never seen that before andI was blown away totally.  I still remember the amazement when they took the stage.  At that moment, I was drawn into the fitness industry.  The industry's passion, love is amazing, thought not for everyone.  I love it, some call them freaks, but I love the freaks though!!!  In a few days I will return to Stafford Texas to once again Hit the Texas State Championships, I consider this day my Fitness photography Anniversary!  One year in the game!  Things really took off for me last year after the show, and I hope to continue my quest to be the best photographer that I can be! 

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